Sterling Silver Feather Ring & Earrings – $100.00

Sunday, April 5, 2020| 9am-1pm

Instructor: Nancy Sacco
Level: All Levels.
Technique: Metalwork/Hot Connections/Patina
Skills and techniques taught: Soldering, texturing metal, filing, forging.


Mother Nature is so very generous with her colors, shapes and textures, lending inspiration to jewelry makers. She provides a veritable feast for us to borrow for our creations! For this class I’ve borrowed the theme of feathers to create a fanciful ring and earrings. Students will learn how to design and cut out a feather ring band and earrings from silver sheet metal. They will texture the pieces to simulate each little tuft of feathers, and a quill will be made with sterling silver wire which will be soldered onto the ring and earrings. The ring is adjustable (yay!) so there is no need to worry whether or not it will fit. The soldering will be done with a small torch known in cooking circles as a crème brulee torch. Students must tie back long hair, wear closed toe shoes and avoid wearing loose flowing clothing.

You WILL complete this project in class.

Kit: $30.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee paid directly to the instructor in class.
Kit includes:
Sterling silver sheet. Sterling silver wire.

Skills Required:
Willingness and ability to use a torch and drill. Good hand coordination.

Materials You are Required to Bring: