Long Fine Lines – $70

Sunday, April 3, 2022 | 10am-5pm

Instructor: Gail Willis
Level: All Levels.
Technique: Enameling/Design/Metalwork
Skills and techniques taught: Learn how to use water color enamels and regular enamels. The temperature the kiln is set to flow the enamels, mix different colors and make different effects to your piece. Learn how to place your piece in the kiln and removing it from the kiln


Make a beautiful necklace pre enameled necklace made with Mason Stain, (black) with ready to use enameled on both sides of the copper. This is so you may start quickly to have time to concentrate on your piece. We will use beautiful enamel water color that is fine ground glass to fire in the kiln for an enamel, your very own original design. Make a design that you can follow step by step. It can be your original that will not be able to be reproduced. You will create an original!  We will start with pre enameled neck piece, or a necklace.

You can wear your design home and it can accessorize your favorite outfit. This will be a fun and relaxing class.

You WILL complete this project in class.

Kit: $45.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee paid directly to the instructor in class
Kit includes:

Copper Piece enameled on the front and back (counter Enamel) of the piece, chain to finish your necklace to wear, 4 Jump rings to attach chain to copper backing and clasp and a clasp for closing the chain. Use of Enamel for your piece during class. Ideas for designs and Instructions for the class.

Everything needed to have a completed piece to wear home. Welding Gloves to protect your hands and arms, from the heat of the Kiln, firing fork, trivet, rack sifters, pliers, all enamels to complete project. Masks will be provided for the powders students will use when sifting the powders to protect from breathing in the dust. All tools and materials needed will be provided to share in class.

Skills Required:

Materials You are Required to Bring:
For student safety, it is suggested to wear a natural fiber shirt with short sleeves, preferably cotton tee shirt. Avoid loose and flowing clothes. Tie back long hair, wear close toed shoes like tennis shoes.