Embellishments  – $140.00

 Thursday, April 2, 2020 | 10am-4pm

Instructor: Diane Worthington
Level: Beginner
Technique: Bead Stitching
Skills and techniques taught:  Embellishing Fabric. 


Students will learn to embellish a piece of fabric with beads by sewing & gluing.
The finished project will be stretched on a canvas ready to hang on a wall.

You may not complete this project in class.

Kit: Choice between 2 kits 5x7 $50.00 or 10x8 $60.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee paid directly to the instructor
Kit includes: Fabric, Stiffness, Bead Embellishments, Canvas for mounting finished project.

Skills Required:

Materials You are Required to Bring: Beading mat, light if they have them.