Candied Flower – $100.00

Friday, April 3, 2020 | 12pm-3pm

Instructor: Patricia Parker
Level: Intermediate
Technique: Bead Weaving
Skills and techniques taught: Peyote bezel wrap, make flower petals

This versatile design can be created in multiple colorways, in any or all variations. The bracelet band combines candy and cushion beads while the floral center is made with delica bead petals surrounding a cushion bead bezelled with 11/0, 15/0 and delica beads. Bracelet with floral center and skittles band- wrap five cushion beads, add delica bead petal embellishment to one of the wrapped beads, and connect the bracelet together using candy beads. Skittles band- wrap six to seven cushion beads and connect them together using candy beads.
Floral pendant- wrap a single cushion bead and embellish it with delica bead petals, add a bail. Can be worn as a pendant, or make two for a pair of statement earrings. Also demonstrated will be more variations on assembled jewelry using the same components learned in class (necklace and earrings) In this class you will learn how to create a secure bezel that can be used with to wrap rivolis, stone cabochons or
beads. The bezelled component will be used as a starting point from which you will create both the flower and the band.

You WILL complete this project in class.

Kit: $45 – This cost is in addition to the class fee paid directly to the instructor in class.

Kit includes:
8 mm two hole candy beads ,14 mm cushion beads (5 pieces),4vgrams of delicas in (matte) silver
lined color
2 grams each of delica in TWO similiar (to matte s/l) colors 2 grams of delica duracoat gold
DB1832 4 grams of Toho 15/0 gold permafinish color 557
4 grams of Toho 11/0 gold permafinish color 557
2 grams of Toho 11/0 in matching (to cushion bead) color

Skills Required:

Materials You are Required to Bring: