Hammered Patina Cuff with Riveted Embellishment

Hammered Patina Cuff with Riveted Embellishment – $80.00

Sunday, March 26, 2023 | 10am-1pm

Instructor: Dawn Lombard
Level: All Levels.
Technique: Annealing/Metalwork/Riveting
Skills and techniques taught: Hammering, stamping, shaping, filing and riveting.

Description: Making beautiful jewelry out of discarded metals is so satisfying. We will use recycled copper pipe to make an amazing bracelet. The process of annealing allows you to manipulate the metal which is otherwise impossible. Using a hammer and various dapping tools, you will create texture and get the effect of movement on the surface. More annealing and you will shape the cuff. Learn how to apply liver of sulfur and get an incredible high shine. We will complete the project by riveting the cuff with various embellishments.

You WILL complete this project in class.

Kit: $20.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee and is paid directly to the instructor in class
Kit includes: 3 7″ copper pipes, 3 base metal embellishments, 3 ‘floral’ rivets, and 3 simulated pearls.

Skills Required: No fear of a torch.

Instructor Will Bring: Torches, tripods, propane gas cylinders, cordless drill and drill bit, center punch, files, liver of sulfur, brass brush,
punches, dappers, hammers, steel block, glue, bracelet mandrel.

Materials You are Required to Bring: None



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