Step Bezel Pendant

Step Bezel Pendant – $80.00

Friday, March 24, 2023 | 9am-1pm

Instructor: Nancy Sacco
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Technique: Annealing/Hot Connections/Metalwork/Stone Setting
Skills and techniques taught: Soldering. Make a step bezel. Setting a stone in a step bezel. Forming a sterling silver wire flourish.  

Description: You have no silver sheet to set your stones in? No problem! In this class you’ll learn how to make a step (open back) bezel to capture and set your lovely stones. This technique is one that will expand your stone setting options and offer cost savings to you by eliminating expensive sterling silver sheet. After your bezel has been made you’ll embellish your piece with a flourish of sterlling silver wire. Create your own flourish or use ideas that the instructor will provide. Everything you need for this class will be provided to you. There’s nothing you need to bring to class!  You’ll be provided with everything you need for this project. Wear closed toe shoes, tie back long hair, and don’t wear loose flowing clothing. 

You WILL complete this project in class.

Kit: $40.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee and is paid directly to the instructor in class

Kit includes: Sterling or fine silver bezel wire. Round and square sterling silver wire. Selection of stones, Waxed cotton cord or
stainless steel necklace chain.

Instructor will bring: Soldering supplies and soldering setup, pliers, cutters, hammers, pickle pot, pickling solution, bench grinder/polisher, torches,
butane, silver wire, sterling or fine silver bezel wire, stones. Typed instructions.

Skills Required: Willingness to use a small butane torch.

Materials You are Required to Bring: No need to bring anything. Everything needed to complete this project will be provided in class



Revival Necklace

Revival Necklace – $100.00

Saturday, March 25, 2023 | *10am-5pm (*With Lunch Break)

Instructor: Alexandra Sydorenko​
Level: Intermediate/Advance
Technique: Bead Weaving & Bead Stitching
Skills and techniques taught: Students will learn how to do bezelling around cab, bead embroidery, herring bone with 2 hole beads, fringes and finishing edges

Description: This necklace, small but full of life and dynamics, symbolizes the revival of life, the revival of the spirit and the revival of nature… In this necklace, agate, jade, beads, crystals, glass beads, pearls and leather are combined into a single picture. The long fringe adds agility and movement to this necklace, but without the fringe, it looks charming too. It can be made as a necklace on an elongated chain, as well as a shorter necklace that is worn under the collar. It is up to you to decide which of the options will be exactly yours, and I will help you in this decision.

You will NOT complete this project in class.

Kit: $140.00 – This cost is in addition to the class fee and is paid directly to the instructor in class

Kit includes: Set of two agate pendants, 4 vintage jade cabs, metal cab with tree of life and CZ, Delica, size 11 & 15 seed beads, Bugle beads, 7.5mm Swar.2-hole spike bead, 4mm 5000 Swar. Crystal beads, Flower beads, DiamonDuo, Cupchaine, 4 & 6mm maxima pearls, 4mm fire polish beads, leathers for front & back, felt with print.

Skills Required: Basic herringbone, peyote, and basic bead embroidery

Materials You are Required to Bring: Beading needle #11 or 12, Scissors, E6000 glue, FireLine 4 or 6 lb tested, One G beading thread, Beading mat, matches, Toothpick or popsicle stick to spread the glue.