Stamp Your Art Out – Handstamped Bracelet

Stamp Your Art Out – Handstamped Bracelet – $70.00

Saturday, April 2, 2022 | 2pm-5pm

Instructor: Amanda Leonhart

Instructor: Amanda Leonhart
Level: Beginners
Technique: Stamping
Skills and techniques taught: Handstamping, lashing metal to leather

Description: In this class you will learn how to handstamp an aluminum or copper blank, shape it and attach it to a leather bracelet with wire, while learning tips and tricks along the way

You will complete this project in class.

Kit: $20 – This cost is in addition to the class fee paid directly to the instructor in class

Kit includes:  Aluminum or copper blank, leather, magnetic clasp, wire, incidentals. Instructor will provide tools needed such as hammer, steel block, ruler, stamping tape, sharpie, wire and will have multiple style font stamps and design stamps for the class to share

Skills Required: Steady hands and able to hold and swing a 16oz hammer

Materials You are Required to Bring: Flush cutters, your favorite stamp set or metal stamp designs if you have any that you would like to use